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When you think of your garage door at home, do you ever consider your springs? If you are like most, you think instead of a huge wall of wood, or metal and not your home's garage door springs; that is, until they no longer work!

The springs on our garage door at home, work tirelessly, raising and lowering that heavy door until one day they snap or simply fail, prompting you to get professional help fast! Garage Door Repair North Bergen offers fast and convenient springs repair and replacement service for all of our local clients. We boat flexible appointment times, guaranteed work performance and truly affordable rates on everything we install or service.

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How can you tell if your home's garage door springs need repair or replacement? See if any of these classic broken springs symptoms apply to you:

  • Your garage door starts to rise, only to fall back down, again.
  • Your garage door looks lopsided, when in the “up” position.
  • You try and operate your garage door, but it won't move, despite the opener motor running.
  • You try and operate your garage door and hear loud snaps and bangs as you go.

Call our North Bergen garage door repair shop as soon as you notice any of these indicators. Our well-trained technicians will run a springs diagnostic test and then proceed to repair, or replace your damaged springs quickly and affordably.

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One bit of advice – please don't attempt spring repair on your own! Every year, many people are injured by these tightly wound coils of metal – all in an effort to save a few dollars. When you use the services of Garage Door Repair North Bergen, our rates are low enough that you already save money! Add to that, our warrantied parts and labor, our safety and performance final checks, our outstanding workmanship and convenient appointment times, and you can see why we are the region's best value for residential garage door springs repair!

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